I Deserve to Smile : If She Could Talk

Dadriane Ethel

Always trying to do the right thing and achieve the Dream in spite of her mistakes, De struggles through life winning some battles and sadly losing others. Life brings some amazing and wonderful achievements and life also takes away some precious life giving forces enough to cause her world to come crashing down all around her. Faced with lovers of all types and styles she encounters battles that would rival and beat down even the toughest of individuals. Constantly fighting to make good choices in spite of her sometimes wicked desires she is seemingly always faced with some dilemma that forces her to make life and death decisions and facing dire consequences. Having to struggle with a controlling husband and thereafter unimaginable hand that life has dealt, Des life becomes a chapter meant for the history books as she wins, loses and sometimes gives up her very desire and will to live. Her story is a testimony to many on the preservation of the inner spirit and fortitude within that drives all of us to pick ourselves up and try again. In the midst of a tragic story springs up a tale of suspense, comedy and tantalizing sensuality that tingles the mind and loins with each turn of the page and shows that although life can turn on a dime sometimes all you have to do is smile in spite of yourself to keep going and face another day.