Language and Tourism

Poto Nik Topler Jasna

The monograph Language and Tourism: Nominal Phrases in Journalistic and Tourism Discourses, which describes the actual use of premodified nominal phrases in newspaper discourse, confirms that nominal elements give various texts the referential specification. Journalistic discourse is the subject of the analysis due to its strong influence on other discourses, also tourism discourse among them. So far the scholars have successfully established the term tourism discourse and alongside pointed out the importance of language and communication in all areas of tourism. On the other hand, also tourism discourse not only reflects but also forms reality, and influences peoples discourses. Thus the field offers many opportunities for further research for scientists of many disciplines, and for further development of the concept of sustainable tourism where language and communication are of great importance. And last, but certainly not least, a tourist that is aware of the possible influences of a certain discourse is able to choose rewarding experiences from many offers in the market, and at the same time behave as a responsible tourist.